The Do Boy Origins

The name “Do Boy” appeared just before I started my first real job. One of my new bosses picked me up from the airport, at the time I hadn’t been given a job title, and when I asked what it was he jokingly replied “Do Boy”.

However, that was the last I heard of Do Boy for a full month. My job changed three times before I even started working and then again one week after. It changed again in the fourth week and will likely change again soon. I became an assistant to the top 3 people in my division. The job was described to me as: to support and help alleviate pressure from the top 3, so if they need something done I do it, it took me just seconds to think “Oh so I really am going to be Do Boy.”

Now, I already wanted to start a blog of some sort, though I couldn’t figure out the details. I had the general idea that I wanted it to be about my life and particularly about my journey of self-discovery for this unique year. (See about page for more details of its uniqueness).

But where to put it? What to call it? Who will read it? Do I attach my name to it? All these questions were up in the air until I had a good long talk with my Cousin, someone I will be referencing a lot I suspect. Let’s call him “Edit Boy” for now, as I tend to use him as my own personal editor.

Where to put it? & What to call it?

Well here of course :P

This was a big question as there are several websites I could host a blog on. I could use my own website, one of my family’s, or make a new one somewhere. I couldn’t decide until the return of Do Boy. During that call to Edit Boy we were discussing the various blog titles I already had lined up, along with my new job and he suggested I should write a post titled “The Adventures of Do Boy.” I thought why stop at a post? That needs to be my domain! And here it is… your reading it right now… are you as excited about it as I was?

Who will read it?

I decided I don’t care. Don’t get me wrong, I want people to read it and the more the merrier but I’m not going to worry about targeting an audience. I’m going to let an audience find me.

So if you decide you like what you see, I like you and if you comment I’ll like you more :D but if you don’t like it, I’m not going to loose sleep. I can’t please everyone and I’m not trying to; I’m just trying to please me and see who wants to come along for the adventure.

Do I attach my name to it?

I’ve decided to remain anonymous. I’m not sure how this blog might sound to others and I really don’t want to limit my options, career or otherwise, in the future. I might someday reveal myself, or I might not. I hope to get a network of guest bloggers though, this blog isn’t for professional stuff, it’s for life stuff, for things you want to share with the world, and for fun.

And if you do know who I am, please keep it to yourself, out of respect.

If you want to have a go at guest-posting email me:

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